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Medianet Technology is a company with a wide range of products, technologies, services, and partnerships for business computing in Indonesia. Medianet has a long-term vision for what we can do for you together. Through our e-Business Solutions services, Medianet can serve as an ideal long-term partner to help you apply Information Technology to your business. Ensuring quality solutions for our customers, Medianet chooses only quality brands backed up by excellent business partners - internationally acknowledged companies with the right connections, experience and proven track records. Medianet has developed partnerships and alliances to maximize its own strength in developing quality IT solutions that will provide many advantages for your business today and enable expansion in the future.

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Radio Access Operation


Network Operation Management and Information Centre


Management Electricity Payment


Spareparts Management System


Service Control Utility Advance Dashboard


Smart Troubleshooting


Enhanced System of Knowledge Information Libraries and Links


ICT Area 2
ICT Jabotabek


Network Administration Management


Preventive Maintenance Program


Broadband Network
West Java Network & Customer Profile

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Sometimes when you innovate, you make mistakes. It is best to admit them quickly, and get on with improving your other innovations


Medianet Application Services (MAS) are designed to address critical client issues with business outcomes that benefit the entire enterprise. Our skilled professionals and "best of breed" methodologies offer clients the opportunity for timely return on investment (ROI) for their technology-enabled initiatives.

We have complete services to meet our client requirements. With bigger capabilities and better price performance of computer nowadays, the challenge for the user is how to utilize its capability with applications to automate the Business Process, as a result of the never ending demand for the efficiency and effectiveness of the business process implementation.

Improve customer loyalty and retention.

Customer intelligence solutions integrated with sales, marketing and customer service, deliver improved customer satisfaction and retention generating increased service provider revenue & profitability. We also delivers improved cost efficiencies via consolidation and simplification, outsourcing and e-learning, and improved multi-channel self-service.

Our vision to deliver solution:

  • Client Centris, start & end with client satisfaction
  • Fast result with high quality
  • Lower TCO (Total Cost Of Ownership)
  • Good for after sales & support of post implementation


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