SuperComputing Solutions


SuperServer benefits :

  • Uncompromising Quality Control
  • Most Comprehensive Line of Rackmount/Tower Servers
  • Best Selection of High-End Servers - Itanium, Xeon & P4
  • Redundant Components (virtually eliminating system downtime)
  • Best Price/Performance Ratio
  • Superior Product Design (all under one roof)
  • Consistently First-to-Market
  • Maximized Performance
  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Top-Notch Finishing Materials
  • 3-Year Limited Warranty
  • 24-Hour Server Support

These benefits combined with an excellent track record have earned Supermicro a reputation as a true leader in the high-end PC/server industry. After all, Supermicro provides the most outstanding product line in the industry, ranging from single Pentium 4 and dual Xeon to quad Xeon MP and dual Itanium systems. Their proven high level of quality and performance has made SuperServers the platform of choice for supercomputer clusters and enterprise databases as well as business-critical, front-end server applications.

Data Center Optimized

Improved Data Center Cooling for Best TCO

The Supermicro SuperServer® 6017R-TDT+ data center optimized server is unique in the IT industry, offering a full 24 DIMMs for up to 1.5TB of DDR3-1866MHz memory, 1 PCI-E x16 slot for WIO riser cards in 1U or FHHL add-on cards in 2U, Dual 10GBase-T networking, 600W Platinum Level power supply, and support for the latest Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 and E5-2600 v2 product families up to 135W TDP. With an improved thermal design utilizing power efficient components and offset processors to help eliminate CPU preheating, the Supermicro 6017R-TDT+ delivers better performance-per-watt and helps lower data center Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by reducing overall operational costs (OpEx). With expanded memory, storage, expansion, and networking resources it is engineered to meet the needs of demanding large scale data center environments. The Data Center Optimized 6017R-TDT+ supports energy efficient modern data center designs such as Free-Air Cooling, and Hot/Cold Aisles. With best performance and energy efficiency, the 6017R-TDT+ is an optimal choice for providers of Web 2.0 (Social Media), Managed Hosting, Search Engines, and Content Delivery Networks.

TwinPro & FatTwin

High-Density, High-Efficiency, and Cost-Effective Twin Servers For HPC, Data Centers, and Cloud Computing

Supermicro evolves its patented Twin Technology offering the world’s most advanced and complete HPC and Data Center solutions. Performance enhancements over previous generations for these DP Twin servers and serverboards include extra memory capacity up to 1TB of Reg. ECC DDR3, up to1866 MHz memory in 16 DIMM sockets, the option of either SATA 3.0 or SAS 2.0 (6Gbps) HDDs, Connect-X3 InfiniBand FDR (56Gbps) InfiniBand ports with QSFP connector, PCI-E 3.0 Technology, and LSI® 2008/3008 controller with software RAID (-70 SKUs); LSI® 2108/3108 controller with hardware RAID (-71 SKUs); LSI® 2208 controller with hardware RAID (-72 SKUs), upgraded high-performance fans with highly effective cooling architecture, and Redundant Platinum Level power supplies. With enhanced power efficiency, high density, and optimized performance, these Twin SuperServer systems can significantly improve Data Center TCO (Total Cost of Operation). Based on the Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2600 and E5-2600 v2 product families, these feature rich, high performance Twin servers are the best choices for Mission Critical HPC, Hosting, Cloud, Big Data, and Data Center applications.

4-Way MP Servers

Multi-Processor Based Server Solutions Optimum Performance with Highest Efficiency

Supermicro’s new 4U 4-Way X10 SuperServer SYS-4048B-TRFT features a radically new split-level design which provides dual-zone cooling, ensuring Intel’s 155 watt CPUs with up to 15 cores have maximum airflow to operate at peak performance. In addition, the architectural layout of components within the system maximizes density while providing optimal thermal management and ease of maintenance. The Supermicro X9QR7/i family of serverboards is the most highly optimized four socket design in the industry. The serverboards offer large memory capacities of up to 1TB of ECC Reg. DDR3-1866MHz memory in 32 DIMM sockets, and extensive I/O capabilities with up to 8 PCI-E 3.0 x16 expansion slots. Additional leading-edge features include 90%+ powerefficient VRMs, high-speed 10GbE connectivity (-T options), onboard hardware RAID providing 6Gb/s SAS 2.0 (-7 options), and integrated IPMI 2.0. Supermicro SuperCap conveniently provides backup power in a minimum of space, with a long life over many charge cycles. These feature-rich MP serverboards are optimized or Supermicro’s 1U, 2U, 4U, and Tower SYS-8017R/8027R/8047R SuperServer® systems.

GPU/Xeon Phi

High-Performance, Enterprise-Class Supercomputing For GPU/Xeon Phi™-Accelerated Finance, Oil & Gas, Science, and Engineering

Supermicro extends its technology lead in the high-performance computing space with this innovative GPU/Xeon Phi™ server architecture. Many options are available to select from including systems with or without the latest enterprise grade NVIDIA® GPUs or Intel® Xeon Phi™ integrated; 1U, 2U, 3U, or 4U form factor; and UP or DP CPUs. These servers include up to 1.5TB of ECC DDR3 up to 1866 MHz memory, up to 4 non-blocking PCI-E 3.0 x16 expansion slots, hot-swap 2.5” or 3.5” SATA 3.0 (6Gbps) HDDs, high-efficiency Redundant Platinum Level power supplies, dual Gigabit Ethernet or 10GbE LAN, and onboard BMC supporting IPMI 2.0 with media / KVM over dedicated LAN for smart server management. With Supermicro’s signature quality and support, customers will benefit from more processing capacity in less space with better efficiency and cost profiles. Based on the new generation Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2600 and E5-2600 v2 product families, these powerful GPU/Xeon Phi™ Computing Servers are targeted at HPC environments, and mission-critical applications, medical imaging, oil and gas simulation, quantum chemistry, financial simulation, astrophysics.

SAS 3.0

Unlock the Full Potential of PCI Express® 3.0-Based Systems and Solid-State Storage Solutions

Supermicro continues its technology leadership in the server industry with the introduction of 12Gbps SAS 3.0. This exciting new I/O technology addresses the need for a higher performance storage interface to speed the access to data by critical applications. This strong need has become apparent only recently, driven by the explosive growth of data in cloud and enterprise data centers, from web, HPC, and Big Data applications. Supermicro’s SYS-1027R-WC1R/WC1RT, among many other advanced features, has allocated 1 PCI-E 3.0 x16 slot for an Add-on Mezzanine Card that utilizes an 8-port LSI® 3108 controller to deliver 12Gbps SAS 3.0 performance, while the SSG-2027R-AR24NV 2U Storage Server employs a Supermicro PCI-E 3.0 Add-on-Card with an 8-port LSI® 3008 controller to deliver 12Gbps SAS 3.0 I/O performance. The new generation 2U TwinPro and 2U TwinPro2 are SAS3 ready with LSI® 3108/3008 support. The introduction of 12Gbps SAS 3.0 to the server marketplace by Supermicro will help leading-edge customers create solutions for heretofore intractable data bottlenecks in Big Data/Network Storage, ERP/MRP, Network/Security, and Web Farm/Hosting environments. This will lead to an entirely new generation of customer solutions, courtesy of Supermicro 12Gbps SAS 3.0.

Super Storage

High Performance Storage Servers The Foundation of a Flexible and Efficient Storage Deployment

Supermicro’s SuperStorage solutions include everything needed for a rock solid storage foundation. Standard features, including unmatched computing power with the latest Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 v2 product family of dual socket processors. Individual models are designed to meet the demands of the toughest storage environments. From low-latency SSD applications to the massive capacity needed for large media files. SuperStorage supports node based deployment strategies where CPU and HDD capacity scale together or systems can be expanded using JBOD for improving economy as you scale. Enterprise customers in need of highest performance will appreciate Supermicro SAS 3.0 (12Gbps) support which provides low-latency and maximum data bandwidth. SuperStorage offers a no compromise storage platform with flexible market entry points from 2U, 3U and 4U form factors using 2.5” and 3.5” HDDs. Applications include CPU Intensive Storage, Virtual Storage Environments, Single Instance Storage & Data Deduplication, Data Replication & Business Continuity, and Virtual Tape Library.

X10 UP Solutions

New Generation UP - Best Power & Performance with Improved I/O

Supermicro leverages its deep expertise in server technology to bring customers the latest generation in UP server solutions with the X10 series of motherboards, optimized chassis, and servers. These advanced technology building blocks offer the best server, workstation and embedded performance with the latest Intel® Xeon® E3-1200 v3 CPUs, up to 4 DIMMs supporting up to 1600 MHz memory speed, and SAS 2.0 or SATA 3.0 (6Gbps) HDDs. Improved I/O for significant increases in workstation 3D and media performance is provided by PCI-E 3.0, USB 3.0, and triple digital display support; and server quad Gigabit Ethernet LAN technology option. Power efficiency is not sacrificed due to DDR3L (1.35v) support, LV CPU SKUs, digital platinum level high-efficiency power supplies, and application optimized cooling. Low power Atom C-series CPU combined with high density server design creates a great combination to provide power & space optional newline or offline cold storage applications. With best performance, leadership I/O, focus on energy efficiency, and continued advancements in customer support and services, Supermicro new generation X10 server solutions are the optimal solution for SMB, Enterprise, and Public Sector Cloud Computing, Hadoop, Big Data, Data Centers, HPC, Storage, and General Server needs.

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